Intuitive app control.
Smart features.
Energy saved.

DEVIsmart™ App turns
your smartphone into
an intuitive floor heating remote control.



Download the free DEVIsmart™ App
and try the demo now.

DEVIsmart™ App features

  • Adjust home heating from anywhere in the world
  • Operate floor heating locally without internet connection
  • Use living zone to easy control the most used thermostats
  • Control thermostats in multiple locations (e.g. holiday home)
  • Frost protection, weekly schedule, away/vacation settings, and economy mode
  • Receive notifications/warnings about important system events
  • Access dedicated support and troubleshooting directly from the app


Technical features

  • Secure wireless communication based on the same security that is used in mobile banking applications – no personal data is stored in the cloud
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


Try it right away

Do you want to try the DEVIsmart™ App before buying your
DEVIreg™ Smart floor heating system? Then download the free
DEVIsmart™ App and try the demo now.


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